Huǒyànmāo Lín (火焰貓 燐) is a character in the novel A Cat In The Low Temple, by Vladimir Lenin. She is a Humanoid Cat (that originally came from the Palace of the Earth Spirits) that was hypnotised by Mao Zedong and had communist ideologies imputed into her. She then became Prime Minister of Japan after a false propaganda in Japan, and prevented a Japanese Lady cosplaying Koishi Komeiji taking role of Prime Minister.

As Huǒyànmāo Lín became Prime Minister, she had then made harsher rule over Japan and it's territories. Later on she burnt down most of Asia, and soon after Joseph Stalin pleaded for help, she refused. Once she refused, she no longer believed in communism. Instead she believed in total anarchic control, and led Japan as such. She renamed Japan into Zhuórè dìyù jī in 1945.

Currently, she is in a Cold War against Democratic Kaiser Germany, Fascist Italy, and the exiled Palace of the Earth Spirits (Koishi Komeiji and Satori Komeiji).

While not much else is known about her, Reimu Hakurei mentioned that she is sometimes against her own people and will kill an entire family if a person from a family says anything against her regime, as well as their neighbours and bugs.