In this time-line...

  • The Hakurei Border never existed, thus Gensokyo remains open to visitors.
  • German and Ottoman Empires won the First World War, but later lost the next war due to the New Polish-Lithuanian Luftwaffe Empire.
  • The Dutch South Africa, Nationalist Zaire, and Ethiopia united together and conquered the rest of Colonial Africa, creating the African Union. Though it's still missing Egypt, though they didn't want to have a nation with only Pyramids in it.
  • Due to the constant border dispute with India, China grew angry and launched a huge invasion of India, and it became a nation under Chinese rule. India is under control by the terrorist Communist Party of India (Maoist), and the semi-peaceful Unified Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist).
  • Second World War was just a minor issue, led to the Polish-Lithuanian conquering the lower Continental Europe, British Isles. Finland's Empire left alone, because the Finns are too strong.
  • The Mexican Empire continues on, but suffered a Cultural Revolution at one point. They still remain strong though.

The main PoD?

  • The Persian Empire was thrown down a pit by Alexander's Greek Empire, and soon his empire dominated all of Central Asia (except for Kazakhstan), all the Middle East, and Egypt. It all fell in 1279 due to the ever expanding Mongol Empire. Then the Mongol Empire fell in 1359, because Chernobyl.

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