Bundesrepublik Deutschland
Nyanya Nyanyanyanya
Flag of Germany (Ruins of Vienna) Coat of Arms Germany (A Cat In The Low Temple)
Flag Coat of Arms
Germany map blank
Motto Einigkeit und Recht und Freiheit
Nyanya Nyan Nyanyan Nyan Nyanyanya
National Anthem Nyanyanyanyanyanyanya!
Official languages Nyan, German
Other languages Catalan language
Capital Münchenyan
Government Federal Parliamentary Constitutional Republic, with Democratic Nyan Cats
President Nyangela Merkel
Chancellor Joayanchimyan Gaucknyan
Religion Confucianism
Currency Euro
Established 1989

Federal Republic of Germanyan, simply called Germanyan, is a nation in Europe.


See Kaiseryan Germanyan for some of their past historyan.

After Mikhail Gorbachev came to power in the Soviet Union, he released Germanyan in 1989.

By 1997, Germanyan joined the Europeanyan Unionyan, and in 2004 they adopted the Euro.

The population nowadays in Germanyan is only 30,000,000 Germans, as most disappeared during Soviet Rule. The other 20,000,000 of population is cats. There are also 20,000,000 Russians and 10,000,000 Turks living in Germanyan as well.

The national food of Germanyan is Cat Food and Döner Kebab. Sauerkraut and Vodka are popular foods as well.

Nyangela Merkel

Current Chancellor of Germany