República de Florida
Republic of Florida
Flag of Cross of Burgundy
Flag of Republic of Florida
USA Florida location map without scale
Anthem: Sunshine
Capital: Tallahassee
Language: Spanish, English
Religion: Atheist
Demonym: Floridian
Government: Parliamentary republic
President: Carol Browner
Currency: Florida Dollar

The Republic of Florida is a nation in Vinland.


Florida declared independence in 1945 during the Japanese invasion of the United States, but was not recognised as a nation until the end of the year. In 1946, shortly after the Pirates had taken over the Caribbean in 1946, the Pirates begun to fight against Florida over the Florida Keys which was largely unsuccessful. Florida then funded the rebels in the Caribbean against Pirate occupation and by 1949, with Florida's help, the Federation of the Caribbean formed and managed to kick out the Pirates and Vikings. A day later after being established, the Federation of the Caribbean formed an alliance with Florida.

In 1970, Florida experience a major growth in economy and by 1980 Florida had one of the largest economies worldwide.

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