Hakurei Reimu's Suomen Tasavalta
Flag of Finland (Ruins of Vienna) Coat of arms of Finland alt
Flag Coat of Arms
Location Finland (Ruins of Vienna)
Motto Lahjoitukset tai kuolema!
(Donations or Death!)
National Anthem Maiden's Capriccio ~ Dream Battle
Official languages Finnish
Other languages Swedish
Capital Hakurei Shrine (located in Northern Finland, away from towns and cities)
Government Hakurei Technocracy Republic
President Reimu Hakurei
Prime Minister Mari Kiviniemi
Religion Shinto, Hakureiism
Currency Euro
Established 1918-

Reimu Hakurei's Finland, also known as Finland is a nation in Europe.


Finland is the most feared country in the World. In the Second World War, they managed to fight off the Soviets and the Germans very effectively. Overall by the end of the war, the casualties (99% of it was death) for both Germans and Soviets totalled 38,000,000 while Finland only lost around 200 of it's own people.

To make matters worse, a Finnish Lady who cosplays as Reimu Hakurei was elected President of Finland since 1985.

This put the world on high alert. Something not seen since the Ottoman Scare back in the Middle Ages.

Thanks to ZUN for creating the games starting in 1997, Reimu Hakurei is even more feared, which in turn made Finland most feared by even more people.

The Finns are happy and glad that they are feared. However, the Finns have said that they wouldn't hurt them as long as they are respected.

In 2005, Reimu Hakurei's Finland became allied with Kogasanian Britain and Koishiist Japan. This relieved the fear of Finland in some nations (Koishi and Kogasa nations [including allies] only).

With Finland in the EU, the economy of the European Union also had strengthened and made it more powerful. It's even more wealthier than France.

Despite that, some of Finland's economy has to rely on donations. Sadly, due to the fear of Finland, barely any donations are made. If there is any donations, it mostly comes from either Sweden, Denmark or Norway.

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