Новгоро́дская-Финляндия Респу́блика
Novgorodin-Suomi Tasavalta

Novgorod-Finland Republic
Flag of Finlandia Grand Duchy of Finland COA
Flag Coat of Arms
Location of Finland (Rigid Paradise)
Capital: Veliky Novgorod
Language: Finnish, Russian
Religion: Confucianism
Government: Parliamentary republic
President: Mari Kiviniemi
Prime Minister: Tarja Halonen
Currency: Euro

Finland is a country in Europe. It is one of the last human based nations in Europe, with the other being Sicily.


In 1922, the United Kingdom, France and Finland established the Allies pact to counter the other four pacts that were established. Later in the Second World War, Finland invaded Russia and took away some of their land. With Finland in the war, the Zombies feared them of their power and managed to establish a peace treaty with Finland. The Zombies later gifted Finland of Latvia and Lithuania in 1945, to keep them happy. Finland accepted the lands and turned them into Grand Duchies.

In 1950, Finland decided to rename itself as the Novgorod-Finland Republic, and claimed to be the official successor to Novgorod Republic.

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