Nationalisti Suur-Suomi Tasavalta Imperiumi
Greater Nationalist Finland Republic Empire
Flag of Finland (Ruins of Vienna)
Flag of Greater Nationalist Finland Republic Empire
Finnish Empire location (Hartmann's Youkai World)
Location in Blue
Anthem: Dichromatic Lotus Butterfly ~ Red and White
Capital: Helsinki
Language: Finnish
Religion: State Shinto
Demonym: Finn
Government: Imperial

Under Shrine Maiden's rule

Nordic Empress: Empress Reimu Hakurei
Prime Minister: Mari Kiviniemi
Currency: Finnish markka

The Greater Nationalist Finland Republic Empire was a nation in Europe.


During the Kalmar Union, the Finns had begun to rose against Swedish-Danish-Norwegian rule, and started a protest. Risking the loss of the Finns, the Swedish tried to calm them down. However, soon Reimu Hakurei arrived and helped the Finns defeat the Swedes. With much political strength being carried over to Reimu, she had overthrown the Kalmar Government and Finland was established. A day later, Finland conquered the rest of Scandinavia and had expanded to include Iceland and Greenland.

Soon when Canada was established in 1900, Reimu Hakurei made an agreement with Russia to divide Canada for themselves. The Russians started their invasion of Canada via Alaska in 1902, soon Eastern Canada was annexed under Russian rule. While Finland invaded Western Canada in 1901 and Reimu managed to annex that area.

In 1950, Finland and Russia has signed an alliance to better defend themselves from the Seiga-Koku (European Union), as the EU was seen as a threat. Finland also joined the Japan-led League of Nations, and soon became a part of Japan.

However, Finland had declined in power due to Reimu's greediness of saving money to herself instead of investing in power and technology. Reimu became so greedy to a point where Japan and Koishi's friends agreed to cut Finland off from the Japanese-led League of Nations.

Seiga Kaku, taking advantage of Reimu Hakurei's self-confidence, invaded into her Imperial House in Helsinki on the night of 1983 and defeated Reimu when she was sleeping. The next day Reimu was taken hostage and she surrendered to Seiga Kaku. However Prime Minister Mari Kiviniemi refused to let Finland fall under the European Union control and a war ensured.

The war lasted until 1984, when Finland lost because Prime Minister Mari Kiviniemi tripped over a book titled 1984. Following Finland's defeat it was absorbed into the European Union.

The Euro replaced the Finnish markka in 1999.