Suomen Jääkiekkomaajoukkue Tasavalta
Flag of Finland (Ruins of Vienna) Finland national woman's ice hockey team logo
Flag Coat of Arms
Empire of Finland (Faith Is for the Transient Champions)
Motto Lahjoitukset tai kuolema!
(Donations or Death!)
National Anthem Poju - Tyttö Saunoo
Official languages Finnish, Ukrainian, Estonian
Other languages Swedish, Belarus, Russian, Polish
Capital Lempäälä
Government Ice Hockey Parliamentary Republic
President Finnish Lady, cosplaying Sanae Kochiya
Prime Minister Mari Kiviniemi
Religion Ice Hockey, Shinto
Currency Euro
Established 1900-

Finland is a nation in Europe.


The origin of Finland declared independence in 1900, due to establishment of Woman's Ice Hockey Team of the Republic of Finland and they defeated Russia so bad. During the time of First World War, Finland purchased some land from Russia, though it didn't help save Russia from suffering a revolution.

In the Second World War, the Finns defeated and destroyed 57,000,000 Soviets after they tried to invade Finland. Lots of land was ceded to Finland then. Finland also threw a Hockey puck at Germany which killed around 1,000,000 German military. Soon Finland managed to invade and annex East Germany.

During the Cold War, Finland didn't like the Soviet puppet states so in 1963 Finland declared war against the USSR once more. This resulted a loss of 26,000,000 more Soviet military and so the Soviets gave them Poland, Ukraine, and 94% of the European side of the USSR in order to make them happy. Which it did.

By 1970, Finland was recognised as a Superpower due to it's unbeatable Ice Hockey Team.

In 1979, the Woman's Ice Hockey Team of Finland managed to beat every Man's Ice Hockey Team around the world.

To this day, the Finnish Woman's Ice Hockey Team remains undefeated.