Европейски съюз
Den Europæiske Union
Euroopa Liit
Európai Unió
Európska únia
Euroopan unioni
Europeiska unionen
Европска унија
Europska unija
Den europeiske unionen
Еуропалық одақ
Аурупа Берлеге
Flag of EU (Ruins of Vienna).png
Flag of European Union
European Union (Ruins of Vienna).png
Formation 1952
Type Military, Economic, Political Union/Confederation Alliance
Headquarters Helsinki, Finland
Membership Finland, Sweden, Denmark-Norway, Poland-Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia, Ukraine, Belarus, Italy, France, North Yugoslavia, Slovakia, Greece, Luxembourg, Belgium, Netherlands, Portugal, Bulgaria, Kogasanian Britain, Hungary, Romania, and Germany

The European Union is an organisation in Asia.

Not really. ...yet...

The European Union is an organisation in Europe. It isn't called the European Union for nothing.

But it can include Asia, and Africa (see Kogasanian Britain, with their empire in Africa)


Okay, just because it's called the European Union doesn't mean the exact same thing needs to be translated in every language.

Okej, bara för att det heter Europeiska unionen inte betyder exakt samma sak måste översättas på alla språk.

Anyway, the official website of the EU would list the exact same thing in so many languages (limited to languages of nations that are in the EU).

The Real HistoryEdit

Euroopan unioni perustettiin alun perin Suomen, Ruotsin ja Portugalin vuonna 1952.

Sorry, wrong language.

The European Union was originally founded by Finland, Sweden, and Portugal in 1952. It soon expanded to include the democratic countries not under the [Soviet] Onion tears. Except Switzerland.

In 1967, Kogasanian Britain became the first Empire to join the European Union that has land in Africa. Apesar disso, a União Europeia não mudou o seu nome. (Despite this, the European Union did not change its name.)

Then, in 1974, Denmark-Norway (with Iceland and Greenland, both Danish-Norwegian) joined the European Union. Greenland tried to leave, men under dansk styre dette ikke sker (but under Danish rule this didn't happen.).


After the dissolution of The [Soviet] Onion, Ukraine and Belarus aggressively fought for to get into the European Union. They were accepted in a day later.

By 2009, the European Union has almost every European nation in it. Except Switzerland (and Russia, and Kazakhstan).

In 2010 Russia expressed that they would join the EU, but not yet. They applied to join in late 2012 after hearing that Russian Tetris ban was finally lifted. Because the Russians were a speedy business, they became part of the union a second after Kazakhstan joined.

Also in 2010 Kazakhstan applied for to join the EU, and in 2013 Kazakhstan officially joined the union, after Borat's cabinet had sold their souls.

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