Европейски съюз
Република Сейга

Єuяореал Цліол
Flag of EU (Ruins of Vienna)
Flag of Єuяореал Цліол
Location EU (Hartmann's Youkai World)
Location in Blue
Anthem: Rigid Paradise
Capital: Old Yuanxian (古代元神) (formerly Belgrade)
Language: Polish, Lithuanian, Ukrainian, Serbian, Chinese, Latvian, Croatian, Slovakian, French, Italian
Religion: State Taoism, State Buddhism
Demonym: European
Government: Imperial

Under Seiga's rule

European Empress: Empress Seiga Kaku
Prime Minister: Not acceptable
Currency: Euro

The European Union is a nation in Europe.


The European Union is the evolved form of Poland-Lithuania, and was founded in 1950.

Since it's foundation, it began cutting down on official languages until only 9 European languages remained, and then Seiga Kaku added Chinese as an official language, making 10 official languages of the EU.

The non-official languages are a minority, and are still allowed by Seiga, but only if they write their languages using the Cyrillic script, instead of the Latin script. For some languages, like Spanish and Greek, they had to create new Cyrillic letters so to use for their languages. Only the official languages are allowed to use the Latin script.

With the Great Finnish Empire above them, Seiga Kaku decided to plan out an invasion against them, and managed to find all the loopholes in their defence systems and planned to use it as an advantage.

However Seiga's plan soon became a waste of time, as Reimu Hakurei grew greedy so to save money for herself. In return Finland soon slowed to a halt over the course of a decade. Seiga also watched as Finland was kicked out of the Japanese-led League of Nations. Afterwards, Seiga Kaku decided to plan out a forced isolation of Finland, which she put into force.

By the 1978 Ice Hockey Finals, Finland's Ice Hockey Team was finally defeated by the Poland-Lithuania Ice Hockey Team, thus causing Finland to withdraw from all sports events just so Reimu could save her money.

By 1983, Seiga Kaku launched the perfect invasion of Finland by driving into Denmark, then going through Sweden, and soon entered Finland driving all the way to Helsinki. The roads she drove on were conquered and annexed by the European Union along the way.

Soon Seiga invaded the Imperial House in Helsinki and defeated Reimu in her sleep, later taking her hostage and thus surrendered. Soon, Mari Kiviniemi decided that an all out war against the EU was in order.

Thanks to Finland's backwardness policy, and having no moneys, they were defeated by the European Union in 1984, and soon was annexed.

In 1985, Seiga Kaku revived Margaret Leijonhufvud, former wife of Gustav I of Sweden, and made her Queen of the Swedish Province (which covered Norway, Sweden and former Finland) while also converting her to Taoism. This move angered the Finns, but Seiga Kaku managed to beat them in another game of Ice Hockey. Soon the Finns were helpless at that point and gave up.

Seiga Kaku then turned her eyes to the Swiss Baking Grand Central Station Of The Universe. With the Swiss the only European nation not conquered (not including Russia as they span into Asia), they begun to worry.

However, the Swiss were already prepared for Seiga, as the Swiss Banking Grand Central Station Of The Universe was moved to KFC (another neutral nation) back in 1971; so that in the event the Swiss were invaded, the Universe would not collapse upon itself, and thus be saved.

By 2002, Seiga Kaku stormed into Switzerland and managed to take all the moneys they had, and soon Switzerland was annexed into the European Union. Upon annexation, Seiga Kaku made the Swiss the Middle-Class people, as she didn't like them rich. However she did allow them to be rich in chocolate.

Seiga Kaku also wanted Russia, but after the Mahmoud Ahmadinejad incident, Russia soon fell annexed under Japan's control in 2007. Following this, Seiga Kaku was very angry and she wrote a letter to India, telling them how angry she was. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad apologised soon afterwards.