Fédération Européenne
Европска Федерација
Federación Europea
Europejska Federacja
Európska Federácia
Ευρωπαϊκή Ομοσπονδία
Flag of European Federation (Rigid Paradise)
European Federation (Rigid Paradise)
Motto 终于自由了!
(Free at last!)
National Anthem National Anthem of the European Federation
National Flag Anthem
Official languages French, Slovak, Hungarian, Spanish, Greek, Slovenian, Croatian, Polish, Bulgarian, Chinese
Capital Budapest
Government Democratic Zombie Republic
President Yoshika Miyako
Prime Minister Lei-lei (Hsien-ko)
Religion Taoism
Currency Euro
Established 1950-

The European Federation is a nation in Europe. It is one of the two Zombie-Jiang Shi nations in the world.


It all originated after the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand. After the death of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, he fell into a river and soon became a zombie. He then managed to get out of a river and went to a nearby graveyard. Under his command, he managed to recruit new zombies and soon the Zombie Liberation Front was established. From then on, Archduke Franz Ferdinand planned the Zombie Apocalypse and wanted to turn most of Europe into Zombies and Jiang Shi.

Near the end of the First World War, the Zombie infection spreads to more of Europe and soon causing the Central Powers to win. Serbia was also annexed by the now Zombie-controlled Austria-Hungary.

Later on, the Zombie nations formed the Zombie Vienna Pact and then by 1938, they invaded Czechoslovakia (which became independent in 1922), causing the Second World War.

During the war the Zombies did fairly well, even more so after the arrival of Seiga Kaku, Yoshika Miyako, and Lei-lei (Hsien-ko).

In 1944 the Zombie nations decided to unite to form the Greater Kievan Rus', which would be short lived. It was done to gain more power and crush opposing countries more effectively. It worked, and Spain, Portugal and Italy fell fairly quickly to them. By 1948 they ended the war as they didn't feel like invading Persia and Africa, and also the Zombies would not be able to handle the terrain.

By 1950 the Greater Kievan Rus' split into the European Federation, which would be led by Yoshika Miyako and Hsien-ko while the Duchy of Moscow would be led by Seiga Kaku. Later by 1955 mainland Greece was conquered by the Zombies with Tanks only.

In 1989, Romania had collapsed into civil disarray. With this, the European Federation launched a quick invasion of Romania, which was successful. The Vampires were defeated and turned into Jiang Shi following the invasion.

The European Federation is friends with the Hakugyokurou Republic (Scandinavia), Duchy of Moscow, and Finland.