昭和天皇 (しょうわてんのう)
Emperor Shōwa
Hirohito, Mokou Fuziwara
昭和天皇 & 藤原 妹紅
Hirohito with Mokou
Figure of the Person of Hourai
More Character Titles
Nickname Fire Bird
Species Kotiin, Human
Abilities Resistance to and manipulation of fire
Age Dead!....111 years old
Occupation Working with Mokou being a Bamboo forest guide
Location Somewhere in the Bamboo Forest of the Lost
Music Themes
FMM - Poika Saunoo Pienissä Häissä Mix
Official Games
Imperishable Night (Cover, Extra Stage Mid-Boss)
Print Works
Silent Sinner in Blue (Chapter 9 and 10 Cameo)
Gensokyo (Japan), Outside World

Emperor Shōwa, also known as Hirohito and well known after death (as well as in Gensokyo) as Fujiwara no Hirohito, was a former Emperor of Gensokyo (Japan) and a character in the Touhou Project.


He became Emperor of Japan in 1926 and two years later, he became the Emperor of Gensokyo when the name changed. However he really didn't rule or anything, meanwhile Yukiko Kawasaki (who cosplayed Koishi Komeiji) was basically the one ruling over Gensokyo (Japan). Hirohito was the one watching all the wars and the invasions all on his personal TV, made by the company of Yuyu Co. His favourite episode was the one with the Nyan Cats and Kaiser Germany being crazy and invaded land for no reason. He laughed at the Kaiser's idiocy and knew he was going to get in trouble, which the Kaiser did anyway.

After watching Second World War on TV he decided to bring up a new constitution for Gensokyo in 1947 that made him just a figure head. In 1948, Action Figures of Hirohito were made by Kaiser Inc., but stopped selling in 1949.

In the 1950s, Hirohito continued to go fishing and win fishing championships.

Then in 1960s he was a Formula 1 driver, and won the 1963, 1967, and 1968 races.

In 1970s, he went on to be a chess master. He won the 1971, 1972, 1973, 1977, and 1978 championships.

In 1980s, he begun interest in Video Games and had played the Super Mario Bros. on the NES in 1985, and also played it's sequel, Super Mario Bros. 2 (Japan version of course).

He died in 1989, thus ending his reign of Emperor and was succeeded by Akihito.

By the way, Hirohito isn't really dead, his ghost/spirit side got teleported to Gensokyo (the real Gensokyo, not elsewhere in Japan) and begun to live with Fujiwara no Mokou since then. Hirohito also made a few more friends; Eirin Yagokoro and Keine Kamishirasawa to call a few.

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