David Cameron

David Cameron with a puppy

Prime Minister of Kogasanian Britain
2006年 –

Predecessor: Gordon Brown
Birth: 1966年10月9日
New Karakasa, England, United Kingdom
Spouse: Samantha Cameron
Political party: Conservatives
Religion: Confucianism
Profession: Politics, Government, puppies

David Cameron is the current Prime Minister of Kogasanian Britain.


He was born in New Karakasa on 1966年10月9日. As a child, he always loved puppies. In fact his first dog was a Bloodhound, which he got when he was 7. He went to school with it and just only got all excellent grades with-out doing any grades. He graduated from the all the schools that he went too with his Bloodhound dog.

By 1985, the Bloodhound dog died. So David Cameron got a Siberian Husky next. Then he went into collages to learn about Politics and Government. He learned allot and soon graduated from the collages and got all degrees, thanks to his Siberian friend (Husky).

In 1997, his Siberian Husky died. Partly because it had a disease, and partly because Tony Blair took office at that moment. David Cameron was angry at the Labour Rule of Britain, and so he stayed low while trying to gain popularity among the Brits for 2006. He also bought a Beagle in 1998, which died in 2005 though.

In 2006, he was elected Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. A day later, he bought a Japanese Spitz puppy.

Everywhere he travels to, he always brings his puppy. For meetings, conventions, even when meeting other heads of state of other nations, he brings his puppy.