Республика Куба
República de Cuba
Flag of Cuba Rubiks cube scrambled
Flag Coat of Arms
Map of Cuba
Motto Independence or be Square
National Anthem Rubik Cube National Anthem
Official languages Spanish, Russian
Other languages Old Spanish
Capital Havana
Government Communist Party State
President Fidel Castro
Prime Minister Che Guevara
Religion Spanish paganism
Currency Cuban Ruble
Established 1949-

Cuba is a nation in Vinland (North America).


After Fidel Castro painted the Cuban government bright red, he became President of it in 1949. Soon the Cuban Cigar Crisis happens, and Nikita Khrushchev had to use his Tetris power to threat the USA. Soon the Cuban Cigar propaganda spread into the USA. By 1999, Florida merged with Cuba after declaring independence from the USA. By 2008, Florida was deeply Cuban, and only a population of 10,000,000 in Florida province remains due do the misuse of the Cuban Cigar.