The Cold War refers to two entries in History.

  • The Second Current Cold War begun alongside with the First World War, putting more pressure on other nations. It started in 1971, with Australia fight against Empire of Gensokyo (now Koishiist Japan) and Kogasanian Britain. After said war, Australia waged a Cold War against them. Soon after the USA turned Star Wars in 1985, they became a Third Faction in this Cold War. It continues to this day.

However, this article will only discuss the Second Cold War only.

Advance Australia FairEdit

Australia invisibility has helped it gained land. Once it stepped into the World Stage, there was no turning back. The knew what they were doing. They decided to take some land of what was rightfully theirs, and get on with it. They had plans to take a bunch more Pacific Islands, but decided against it because Gensokyo's navy was too strong anyway.

In a Nation Far Far Away (not to be confused with Iran So Far Away)Edit

Spindle Bush

George Dubya Bush

In the USA, everything was flipped upside down, and they became a Third World Nation. But when Darth Vader took power he tried to do stuff to improve. However things didn't help when Bill Clinton was in power. He was involved with so many scandals, and was being more of a pimp then a Vice President. This irradiated Darth Vader so he fired him.

But then, elections came (whenever that is). Soon after elections were over, a Plant was elected to be President. Yes, a Plant as a President. His name was George Dubya Bush and comes from the Shrub family (which is a bunch more plants). With Bush as President, there were a few consensus that there should be:

  • All Petroleum Are Belong To US
  • Eat As Much As You Can
  • Annex Islamic Nations

And also:

  • No Reignition Of Koishiist Japan Or Any Of Her Allies.
  • No Peace With Koishiist Japan, Kogasanian Britain, Or Any Of Their 'Idiocy' Allies.
  • No Negotiations With Koishi Komeiji Or Any Of Her Friends. This Goes For The Nations They Controlled Too.

However, it had a flaw, which was:

  • Have All Love And Support And Reignition For Cirno.
  • Cirno Is The Only Ally Of The US.

A prime example that not only was Bush hateful of other nations, but he loved Cirno. Yes, you've heard it. Disregard the fact that Cirno is a (Nine-ball), and a バカ (Baka), and an Idiot (by the way, ⑨, Nine-ball, バカ, and Baka all means the same thing: idiot).


No need to worry, 58% of the time her attacks miss. However, can still pose a threat.

Disregard the manual of Phantasmagoria of Flower View which labelled Cirno as a 9 which said idiot (it's true. Look it up). Bush still trusted her. Also note that when Bush wrote out his list that every word was capitalised as well.

So after the Twin Towers fell due to Obama Bin Laden (Obama's Great Grand-Cousin twice removed) sneezing, Bush declared Total War against the Rook or Chess-Shaped nation (Afghanistan) and also used allot of cleaning products due to the major dust that settled in the area.

By wasting cleaning products, trying to find WMD's that probably never existed in the Apple iRaq, and thirst for petroleum was the biggest embarrassment to Darth Vader. After Bush couldn't run for a second term, he was arrested and killed. Darth Vader also decided to have Chewbacca as President instead and moved the power of the Presidency to the Vice President. Then Barack Obama was elected.

Other Issues and NoticesEdit

Darth Vader is very well aware that he really can't win against Koishi Komeiji, nor her friends, nor her allies, and etc. But as long as he wages a never ending Cold War, hopefully he could try to find some way to beat them and conquer the world?

The answer is, he can't. It's impossible. Koishiist Japan is far too powerful for an enemy nation to try and fight against. Koishi Komeiji herself is just too powerful even.

The Trekkies fear a Third World War. And who can blame them? It's pretty creepy stuff.

So, in 2009, the Treks decide to start up the Trekkie Nationalist Party in Darth Vader's America. Though it's listed as a third party, it does receive decent amount of votes.

For Australia, they are just hiding out, like a ninja waiting to attack. Australia recently scolded and poked fun at India when a few Indians visited New Zealand on a tour. This angered Kanako Yasaka quite a bit. If a Third World War begins it would either be started by:

  • Darth Vader's America


  • Australia

Because Koishi Komeiji's Japan, and her allies, along with Kogasanian Britain and her allies are mostly peaceful. However if they have to fight a war, they will fight a war. And how.

The sinking of an Cambodian ship in 2011 didn't help matters much at all.

It's a war waiting to start....someday, anyway. Recently Kazakhstan made an announcement that they would probably join the war on Kogasanian Britain's side (which in turn is also on Koishiist Japan's side), despite the fact that Borat has his own influence, but he doesn't care, all he cares about is making money off of potassium.