Federatie van Caraïben
Federación del Caribe

Federation of the Caribbean
Flag of Honduras
Flag of Federation of the Caribbean
Location of the Caribbean (Rigid Paradise)
Capital: Kingston
Language: Dutch, Jamaican Patois, Spanish
Religion: Confucianism
Demonym: Caribbean
Government: Parliamentary republic
President: Portia Simpson-Miller
Currency: Caribbean Pound

The Federation of the Caribbean is a nation in Vinland.


In 1946 the Pirates took over all of the Caribbean and originally proclaimed it Pirate territory and to defend it from the Scandinavian Vikings. Soon by 1949 both the Vikings and Pirates fought many battles between each other until the establishment of the Federation of the Caribbean. The new nation managed to kick both the Pirates and Vikings out of their islands and became strong fairly quickly.

However the Caribbean has had a rough time keeping itself together as Cuba became a frequent place of conflict. The Cuban Revolution resulted in Cuba declaring independence in 1959. With the support of Florida and the Confederation of Latin America, the Federation launched a successful invasion of Cuba in 1962 and managed to defeat the nation a day before the planned Cuban Missile Crisis would begin. Unfortunately, Fidel Castro managed to successfully flee to Georgia and launched a coup against the Georgian government, which led to the creation of the Georgian Socialist Republic. By 1970 Cuba was readmitted as a State, and the Federation managed to become prosperous again.

The Federation is allied with Florida and the Confederation of Latin America.