Minamitsu Murasa République du Canada
Flag of Canada (Ruins of Vienna) Coat of Arms of Canada (Ruins of Vienna)
Flag Coat of Arms
Canada location with Claimed Areas (Ruins of Vienna)
Motto Oceans. Oceans everywhere.
National Anthem Interdimensional Voyage of a Ghostly Passenger Ship
Official languages Canadian, French
Other languages Japanese, Russian
Capital Stony Rapids, Saskatchewan Province
Government Federal Ghostly Republic, One Leader State
Eternal President Minamitsu Murasa
Prime Minister This position left intentionally blank
Religion Confucianism, Shinto, Taoism, Buddhism
Currency Canadian Pound Sterling
Established 1949-

Minamitsu Murasa's Republic of Canada is a nation north of Star Wars, and just behind Denmark's Greenland. It is known as a ghostly nation, and is inhabited with Funayūrei and Yūrei alike.


Canada was a normal nation. Until 1914, when Murasa managed to travel to Canada thanks to the TARDIS, that was stolen by the Old British who originally invented the machine long ago.

By 1915 upon arrival to Canada Minamitsu Murasa managed to threaten and scare the Canadian government, council, and the British government operations. And she was able to do it in a way so that no one would ever know that it was her.

By 1919 all the main government in Canada; be it British, Canadian, or even Russia, ceased. All the members, Governor-Generals, Prime Ministers, Chief Justice, and other members of the Canadian government all died.

Cause of death was very unexplainable and couldn't have the exact cause. In fact no one knew.[1]

By 1920, the United Kingdom lost all contact with Canada. The British tried to travel there but when they got there, the land that made up Canada vanished into thin air.

When 'Wood Row Will Sun' tried to visit Canada in 1920, he noticed that Canada has vanished.

So, where was Canada? No where.

But then, by 1947, Canada had reappeared. After the re-discovery of Canada, Kogasanian Britain decided to try to contact the local Canadian government there. But no answer was given.

By 1948, Minamitsu Murasa contacted the Kogasanian British government and had demanded that Canada was given independence. Kogasanian Britain didn't say anything, but by 1949 they granted Canada full independence, and let them have their own complete government.

After Canada declared independence, Minamitsu Murasa became Eternal President of Canada, and soon Canada had closed it's borders from the rest of the world.

However, by 1973, Empire of Gensokyo (Japan) tried to contact Minamitsu Murasa, but nothing happened.

Soon, by 1977, Minamitsu Murasa decided to open up it's borders a bit, but only to the Empire of Gensokyo and Kogasanian Britain.

By 1999, Minamitsu Murasa decided to open her borders to the rest of the world, except the USA, and soon fell into Kogasanian Influence by 2000.

Despite Canada falling into Kogasanian Influence, Minamitsu Murasa still manages to keep her influence with-in Canada strong.


  1. Except Satori Komeiji. Well she wasn't here at the time, nor anywhere in the Outside World. She still knew of the event, because of her Third Eye.