ซาโทริ សាធារណរដ្ឋ កម្ពុជា
Satori's Republic of Cambodia
Flag of Cambodia (Ruins of Vienna) Royal Arms of Cambodia
Flag Coat of Arms
Location Cambodia (Ruins of Vienna)
Motto Many Minds, One Heart
National Anthem Satori Maiden ~ 3rd eye
Official languages Cambodian, Vietnamese, Thai
Other languages Lao
Capital Shakunetsu Jigoku Ato [灼熱地獄跡] (OTL Phnom Penh)
Government Imperial Democratic Monarchy, House of Chireiden
Empress Satori Komeiji (Cosplay)
Prime Minister Kem Monovithya
Religion Satori-Buddhism, Shinto
Currency Cambodian riel
Established 1941-

Satori's Republic of Cambodia, commonly known as just that (calling it simply Cambodia is strongly discouraged, don't ask), is a nation in South East Asia.


It was previously known as French Indochina. The Indochina in the name was also commonly disputed, as it is not in India itself, nor is it in China itself. It might be under China at least, that's about it. Indochina is neither Indian nor Chinese, though they might share similar cultures and languages with both, but it's not Indochina. The French just made up an excuse to call it Indochina as they didn't had any other ideas.

Disregard the name dispute, the French were fighting over the British India, because it was for taunts. The Laos, Vietnamese, and Cambodians tried to tell the French quiet, but they wouldn't listen. Soon Cambodians, Laos, Vietnamese begin a war against the French in 1940, which made France angry. However, soon, the Empire of Gensokyo came along and said hi. With the invading Japanese now, the French got scared. With a 4th fraction coming into play (Japanese), the Cambodians, Laos, and Vietnamese were able to defeat the French (52% were sent off to Euthanasia and the rest were sent back to France) and by the end of 1941, Gensokyo conquered former French Indochina. It became a surgical client state of Gensokyo until 1945, when it was released and soon the Cambodian Empire was declared. It joined the Greater East Asia Treaty Organisation because they needed some candy as a prize, which they got as well. Soon the Vietnam Conflict begun in 1955 to 1975 as two Vietnamese were arguing about politics, and they argued for 20 years. It wasn't really a conflict at all, as there was no deaths and injuries taking place. However, Mystia Lorelei was sent to the region and sung a song to the two arguing Vietnamese. They soon went deaf, and soon both got ran over by a car. This ended the 20 years annoying and pointless argument.

By 1980 a new Empress was elected, a Cambodian Lady (who cosplays as Satori Komeiji), and soon changed the name 'Cambodian Empire' to the current name, 'Satori's Republic of Cambodia' because it wasn't large enough for it to be an empire. She also made a law that was Worldwide, and requested that the name, Satori's Republic of Cambodia, was the only way to call the nation. If anyone is caught calling it simply Cambodia they are killed immediately on the spot, by the Pol Pot Service Mail Company (located in Ho Chi Minh City), as it is disrespectful and very informal. Reason for killing is because it hugely disrespects Satori Komeiji (the character itself), and Satori Komeiji is hailed as a hero and god to the Cambodians. The killing of people who said simply Cambodia ceased in 1991 when the Satori's Republic of Cambodia became a protectorate of Koishiist Japan. Koishi Komeiji had to calm her sister down and discourage the mass killing spree that was in operation by the Pol Pot Service Mail Company. Satori moaned, but agreed, and thus the Pol Pot Service Mail Company was taken down by Welsh people. However, Satori's Republic of Cambodia remains the official and only name to call the nation as such.