Iku Nagae's República Federativa do Brasil
Flag of Brazil (Ruins of Vienna) Coat of Arms of Imperial Brazil
Flag Coat of Arms
Location Brazil (Ruins of Vienna)
Motto Saturday Night Fever!
National Anthem Crimson in the Black Sea ~ Legendary Fish
Official languages Brazilian Portuguese
Other languages Spainish
Capital Rio de Janeiro
Government Disco Fever Democratic Republic, Single Party State
President Iku Nagae
Prime Minister Dilma Vana Rousseff
Religion Disco, Shinto
Currency Brazilian Real
Established 1999-

Iku Nagae's Federal Republic of Brazil, also known as Disco do Brasil (Disco of Brazil in Portuguese), is a nation in Tenkai [天界; lit. Celestial World] (OTL South America).

It is pretty unique, as the whole nation is above the clouds and so is the land. Plans to kidnap the other nations still on the Amazonia Plate (Ground South America) is still being planned.


Brazil was just a nation. After Second World War, the US propaganda in Brazil and some other Latin America nations allied to them. Brazil tried to fight it off, but it led to not so good results.

In 1953, the Democratic Brazil was replaced by a Pro-US government, and the nation was renamed as Império Brasileiro das Trevas (Dark Brazilian Empire). Things got worse after Darth Vader came into power in 1985, and soon the US annexed Brazil, and few other overthrown governments in Latin America into the nation.

Soon in 1992, Kogasanian-influenced Argentina led an invasion of Brazil and other US-annexed territories in Latin America, to liberate them. This resulted in the First Great Galactic War taking place. Koishiist Japan, the Greater East Asia Treaty Organisation, and Kogasanian Britain sent aid to Kogasanian-influenced Argentina and declared war against the United States. The war lasted for 7 years, with Koishiist Japan and her allies, as well as Kogasanian-influenced Argentina having a major victory and were able to liberate them. This made a major dent for the US, as now they are extremely slowly declining in power.

With elections held, Iku Nagae (who was watching Earth via skies), became President of the new Brazil, and Brazil became allied with Kogasanian Britain and became under their influence.