Império do Brasil
Empire of Brazil
Flag of Brazil (Ruins of Vienna) Coat of Arms of Imperial Brazil
Flag Coat of Arms
Location Brazil (Hartmann's Youkai World)
Location in Blue-Green
Capital: Rio De Janeiro
Language: Portuguese
Religion: Shinto, Buddhism, Taoism
Demonym: Brazilian
Government: Democratic Republic

Under Iku Nagane & Kanako Yasaka's Rule

President: Iku Nagae
Prime Minister: Kanako Yasaka
Currency: Brazilian Real

Brazil is a nation in Amazonia.


Brazil was first established by Portugal back in 1500. From there, Brazil grew rapidly until it reached its current size by 1750 thanks to Kanako Yasaka and her advanced science skills.

By 1800, many Portuguese fled Portugal and moved to Brazil because of being scared by Napoleon and Dynamite. By 1805 Portugal fell to France, but lucky, Brazil declared independence 23 seconds before Portugal fell to France.

Thanks to the huge immigration, Brazil grew stronger and more powerful, and managed to kick the French out of Portugal in 1815, with the help of Kanako Yasaka science skills again.

Due to Kanako Yasaka's advanced science skills, Brazil became the most technology advanced nation by 1830, and by 1900 was 50 years ahead of everyone technology wise.

However, Brazil's advancement in technology was surpassed by Japan in 1930 due to Kanako Yasaka accidentally telling Utsuho Reiuji to eat the god Yatagarasu, in which Utsuho got her nuclear powers. After the incident Empress Koishi of Japan used Okuu (Utsuho Reiuji's nickname) to her advantage and made Japan 100 years ahead in technology then anyone else (though only 50 years ahead of Brazil).

From 1934, the Subterranean Animism Conflict happened, in which Marisa Kirisame and a bunch of Brazilian scientists had to stop Okuu from taking over the world. It ended with a victory of Master Spark, though at the Brazilian-Japanese Conference post-war, Koishi slapped Marisa as she could have dealt the problem by herself.

In 1938 Getúlio Vargas kicked Kanako Yasaka out of office and he became President and he renamed the nation into the State of Brazil. It lasted until 1946 in which Iku Nagae kicked Getúlio Vargas, and Iku became President of Brazil. She renamed it back to the Empire of Brazil and made Kanako Yasaka become Prime Minister.

In 1961 Brazil joined the Japanese-led League of Nations. Though despite Brazil and Japan being friends, they both still race each other in advancing technology.

By 1970, Brazil and Japan were equal in terms of technology, and both nations are 299 years ahead of technology than the rest of the world.

Brazilian Empire's power is rivalled by the Mexican Empire above it, though both are friends.