Iku Nagae e Kogasa Tatara's Império do Brasil
Flag Brazil (A Cat In The Low Temple) Coat of Arms of Imperial Brazil
Flag Coat of Arms
Location of Empire Brazil (A Cat In The Low Temple)
Motto Somente a paz pode unir as pessoas de novo
Only peace can bring people together again
National Anthem Beware the Umbrella Left There Forever
Crimson in the Black Sea ~ Legendary Fish
Official languages Brazilian Portuguese
Other languages Dutch
Capital Brasília
Government Parliamentary republic
President Iku Nagae
Prime Minister Kogasa Tatara
Religion Buddhism, Confucianism
Currency Brazilian Real
Established 1927-

The Iku Nagae & Kogasa Tatara's Empire of Brazil previously known as Iku Nagae's Empire of Brazil before Kogasa's exile, is a nation in Amazonia (South America) and the Caribbean.


The Empire of Brazil, hearing about the new threat of Empire of Japan in the East, begun to expand and quickly invaded Bolivia, Paraguay, and Venezuela, annexing them all by 1929. Soon they also purchased British Guyana, Dutch Suriname, and French Guiana from said countries in 1932. Later in 1934, after Cuba became communist, they managed to conquer all the Caribbean islands by 1938. Soon Brazil declared war against the Pirates of the Caribbean and Cuba in 1939. By 1942 the Pirates of the Caribbean and the Republic of Cuba was crushed by, and annexed by Brazil.

After Germany became democratic in 1955, and after their establishment of the United Nations, Brazil joined the UN to and hoped for peace and democracy around the world. At the same time the real Kogasa Tatara took Prime Minister of Brazil and posed a ban to anyone selling books about Pirates of the Caribbean.