Борат Сагдиев
Borat Sagdiyev

Борат Сагдиев
Borat visiting Colombia

President of Kazakhstan
1991年 –

Predecessor: Gennady Kolbin (Under Kazakh SSR)
Birth: 1972年2月27日
Qaraghandy, Kazakh SSR, Soviet Union
Spouse: Luenell
Political party: Democratic Party Adilet
Religion: Buddhist
Profession: Politics, Government, Industrialist

Borat Sagdiyev is the current President of Kazakhstan since 1991.


He was born in Qaraghandy, Kazakh SSR duirng the Soviet Era in 1972. In 1989, he begun to work as a journalist, and had reported natural wildlife within Kazakhstan. By 1990, he got into Politics and in 1991, he was elected President of the newly independent Kazakhstan.

Since his presidency, he helped Kazakhstan's economy to be one of the greatest, ranking in 10th place on the Economic Boards. he also had improved Kazakhstan's infrastructure, recovered the Aral Sea to it's original size (but then the lake expanded, so now it's area is 70,000 km2 in total), among other things.