Empire of Australia
Australia Flag (Ruins of Vienna) Australian Coat of Arms
Flag Coat of Arms
Location Australia (Ruins of Vienna)
Motto Now That's What I Call A Cool Story Bro
National Anthem Reincarnation
Official languages British/Australian English
Other languages Chinese
Capital Canberra
Government Unitary Presidential Republic
Emperor Julia Gillard
Religion Atheist
Currency Australian Pound Sterling
Established 1971-

Australia is a nation in Australia...


Australia is a nation in Oceania, with land in Africa.


The Australians were always ignored. Which was taken to their advantaged, they manage to avoid influence by anyone. In 1971, the Empire of Australia was declared and waged a war against Koishiist Japan and Kogasanian Britain, in which Australia was able to gain New Zealand, Papua Old Guinea, Madagascar, and a bunch of small islands in the lower Indian Ocean that nobody cares about. The power of Australia has shocked the world, it even made Kogasa Tatara herself scared. Due to this, Kogasa Tatara failed to surprise Australia.

Wow. 'Failed to surprise Australia'.

After all the time Kogasa Tatara scared millions of people, gave a few heart attacks to some others, while others died of scaredness...

Kogasa Tatara got shocked, surprised, and scared of Australia...

Can one say, irony?

Koishi Komeiji, the most powerful person in the universe, couldn't to beat Australia. Though it really was because she didn't attack at full power. If she did, Australia would have been blown off the Earth, which in turn would destroy Mars, in turn would destroy Saturn, Jupiter, some other parts of the Solar System, parts of the Milky Way, parts of the Observable Universe even.

Koishi Komeiji had plans, and one of them was, to not destroy any part of Earth and keep it all intact. As in, not blowing up continents and looking like a Mega Meteor had hit the planet.

Who could blame her? No one.

Who would blame the Australians? No one.

Because Austria was forgotten and Vienna was destroyed...wrong country.

Anyway, Australia was able to win because of strategic planning. That is, if you count using Kangaroos, Koalas, and Mao Zedong (who by the way exiled here) as part of an military, sure!

After that, Australia now wages a Cold War against Koishi Komeiji (and Japan and Greater East Asia Treaty Organisation), Kogasa Tatara (UK and its allies), and their allies. Both Koishi and Kogasa are trying to influence it so that it would join them. But as long as Australia is largely ignored by others, it's not going to work well. For now anyway.

Australia is also in a Cold War against Darth Vader's America and their allies. The Cold War goes three ways, between Koishiist Japan and their allies (includes Kogasanian Britain and their allies/influence), Darth Vader's America and their allies/influence, and Australian Empire.

On a side note, Australia is a popular destination for people who are exiled from their home nation. This to some affect has made Australia a bit more stronger, and had welcomed said people, regardless of their political views.

On another side note, Australia has also been refereed to as the Antiking, despite them having nothing to do with the monarchy. Well at least some European leaders call Australia the Antiking sometimes anyway.

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