Kogasanian República Argentina
Flag of Argentina Tornado-Icon
Flag Coat of Arms
Argentina location (Ruins of Vienna)
National Anthem Storm Warning
Official languages Portuguese
Other languages Spainish
Capital Buenos Aires
Government Federal Representative Presidential Kogasanian Republic
President Fernández de Kirchner
Prime Minister Beatriz Rojkés de Alperovich
Religion Shinto, Buddhism, Taoism
Currency Argentine Real
Established 1942-

Argentina is a nation in Amazonia, and is shaped like a Tornado.


Argentina had lots of problems with other storms, but not tornadoes. Anyway in 1942 the Axis-friendly government of Argentina was overthrown and been replaced with a pro-Kogasanian government. Soon Argentina joined the Second World War with the allies to receive bacon from the Axis Powers. Soon Argentina found itself in a Cold War between the USA, USSR, and Kogasanian Britain. Argentina sided with Kogasanian Britain of course and so they both worked together to have the rest of Amazonia free from US imperialism. By 1992, Argentina begun to invade Brazil to liberate it from the US occupation, which resulted in the First Great Galactic War. The First Great Galactic War was won by Argentina and its allies, and had received a prize for it too.