Altered Shrine is a book written by Hirokanazu Tanaka in 1986. It is a book mainly about the different moods of Reimu Hakurei in each universe (along with few other people from Gensokyo, with their own time-line or two). The book and the online version of the book (online version is also maintained by Hirokanazu Tanaka) features many different alternative universes, even exploring into other time-lines. It is one of the longest series, with a book being released each year.

Here are the different universes that the book features:

(Side note: All these PoD's diverge from OTL, and not the Ruins of Vienna Time-line)

Fascist/Imperialist ReimuEdit

As such, this is the first in the series.

The PoD is when Reimu Hakurei took place as Prime Minister of Japan in 1935. Her mind was set to exterminate her enemies, and so it began with the war against China in 1937. However, she mostly had to fight as well to ensure easier victories. China fell by 1939, when Second World War just began after the Virus (Germany) infected (invaded) Poland. By 1940, Reimu Hakurei established relations with Fascist Italy, and both established the Italy-Japan alliance. At the same time South East Asia was invaded, and fell by the end of the year. In 1941, the Death Plague tried to quickly infect the Red Russia, but slowed down over time. Also in 1941, Reimu Hakurei used Danmaku and her Yin Yang Orbs to destroy Hawaii, and was conquered in a day. Frank Deli Rose, president of USA, had declared war against Japan, and soon Italy declared war against the US.

Germany was all alone and got squished like a bug by the Soviets in 1943, and was annexed by the USSR. Meanwhile Italy continued to expand into North Africa, though they were slowed down by the US. Meanwhile Navy battles commenced in the Pacific, with 8001 US fleet ships all being destroyed by Reimu. Due to their defeat in the Pacific, the US decided to hide in the closet and gave Japan Alaska. Meanwhile in Europe, D-Day commenced in 1944, and soon Italy was fighting against athletes foot within their own nation.

The War in Europe ended, all of Eastern Europe annexed by the USSR (including Austria and Germany) and Western Europe (including Finland, Union of Scandinavia) was being under democracy. By 1945, Japan conquered Oceania, India, Nepal, Bhutan, Afghanistan, and Iran.

Cold War is on, between the USSR, USA, and Japan. The Fatimid Caliphate, successor to Syria, was established in 1948, and soon grew to include Jordan, Palestine, and Lebanon. The Cold War went similarly as OTL, with the Cuban Missile Crisis too (No Korean/Vietnam War for an obvious reason). However due to the powerful Reimu Hakurei, USSR was starting to fracture slowly over time, and the USA was eroding. By 1975, the Russian Far East Federal District collapsed and merged into the Japanese Empire, and a year later all of Central Asia (Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan) fell and merged with the Japanese Empire. By 1978 only the European Side of the USSR remained, while the rest went to Japan.

By 1980, the USSR was turned into a democracy, and allowed Germany to gain its independence. The Cold War finally ended in 1985, after the fall of the USA. Reimu Hakurei took advantage and launched her puppet Mexico (she obtained them in 1967) and Canada (obtained in 1969) to invade back their land (and some extra land) that the US stole originally. Communist Cuba also invaded and gained Florida.

By 1991, Reimu Hakurei's Japan obtained Hyperpower status, and remains in rule to this day.

Imperial Reimu (Altered Shrine)

The world by the modern day in Imperial Reimu

Communist ReimuEdit

The second in the series.

The PoD of this time-line is that Reimu Hakurei becomes General Secretary of the Soviet Union in 1922, while Joseph Stalin became Head of State of the Soviet Union in 1922. She begins by having the Soviet scientists research into technology allot, and by 1935, the Soviets have advanced tanks, advanced fleet, and other advancements, more ahead then the rest, but doesn't have a nuclear missile though. By the time Fascist Germany invaded the Soviet Union in 1941, Reimu Hakurei led the Red Army with her more advanced military technology, and soon by 1942, was able to crush both Fascist Germany and Italy. She decided to annex all of Eastern Europe and Axis held areas, except France as they were quickly liberated by the British.

Soon, with war over, she took a rest and went on for another military build-up. Meanwhile Imperial Japan (with a new Prime Minister, Yuyuko Saigyouji) had just managed to fight off the USA, and begun their war in India. With Mongolia still open, Reimu Hakurei quickly launched an invasion and annexed Mongolia into the USSR. Meanwhile, India was libertated, and soon Prime Minister Yuyuko Saigyouji decided to combine Nepal and Bhutan into Tibet, and left Tibet be an independent nation.

Seeing their advances, Reimu Hakurei quickly launches an invasion of Iran, and annexes it in 1946. But when it came to Afghanistan, she had a difficult time, but by 1950, it was annexed into the USSR.

Seeing as the Soviets wanted to take over the world, Yuyuko Saigyouji decided to quickly invade Africa and help them remain free and democratic. However, Reimu Hakurei decided to quickly invade Turkey, and parts of the Middle East and begun to invade North Africa. By 1957, Africa was completely divided between the Soviet Union and Japan.

The Western European Nations finally woke up form their sleep and begun to put funding into their military so to better protect themselves. In 1958, The UK and Nordic Countries decided to form the European Federation, and soon the rest of European nations joined the new democratic nation. Spain and Portugal overthrew their Fascist governments in 1960 and quickly joined the European Federation after becoming democratic.

Scared of being eaten by the Soviets, Saudi Arabia quickly invades all it's neighbours not under Soviet rule and annexes them.

In 1959, Reimu Hakurei decides to sell some of German SSR to the European Federation so that Netherland can be liked with Denmark, instead of being separated.

In 1960, despite being in Vinland (North America), Canada joined the European Federation, under rule of the United Kingdom province.

Later, in 1963, the USSR invades Alaska. Hearing the alarm, Yuyuko Saigyouji quickly launches an invasion of Chile and begins plans to bring all of Amazonia (South America) and at least Panama under Japanese rule. Soon Venezuela and all the Caribbean Islands (except Cuba) decide to join the European Federation, and Japan decides to respect that.

In 1968, Cuba invades Mexico and Central Vinland and annexes them all by 1970.

After much thought, Saudi Arabia joins Japan in 1971 and becomes a Semi-Autonomous Prefecture of Japan. By 1972 the European Federation launched an invasion of Cuba and annexed all their land as well. In 1974, Japan and the European Federation became allies of each other.

Seeing as there is not much land left to take, Reimu Hakurei decides to stop expanding and launch an endless Cold War between her Soviet Union and the Allied League (European Federation and Empire of Japan).

Meanwhile, the USA continues to slack off, completely ignoring anything outside of their nation. In fact they are completely oblivious and don't realise that they lost Alaska as well.

Communist Reimu and Yuyuko Japan (Altered Shrine)

The world by the modern day in Communist Reimu

Allied, Democratic ReimuEdit

Third in series.

The PoD is when Reimu Hakurei becomes Prime Minister of Netherlands, instead of Hendrikus Colijn in 1935. After her succession she begun to prepare for a huge defence so to better protect themselves of a virus. Meanwhile, Reimu Hakurei was looking to see if she could combine the UK and Netherlands into one nation with her science experiment. It fails. However, soon in 1940 Germany begun to invade the Netherlands. Reimu Hakurei tries to fight them off, which is partly successful. Soon a day later the Germans retreat after having lost like 3000 people all in one night. The Germans continued and took down Belgium, Luxembourg, and France. At that point the Germans ignored the UK and went on for a full Operation Barbarossa against the USSR. However soon in mid-1941 Reimu Hakurei surprised the Germans and managed to destroy their home-land completely. With the Germans hearing of this, they were quickly crushed by the USSR, other allies and Reimu Hakurei. By 1942, Italy was falling apart and was soon invaded by the Dutch, and therefore crushed. By 1943, Japan had conquered South East Asia and Indonesia (there was no Second Sino-Japanese War), and decided to end the war.

After Second World War was over, Germany became completely divided between Poland, Denmark, Netherlands, Belgium, France, and Slovakia. Meanwhile Austria, which was also completely destroyed in the war, was annexed by Italy.

However, not all was well. Soon the Great European War begun with the USSR invading Eastern Europe. Reimu Hakurei managed to fight off their invasions and gave lots of land to Yugoslavia and to create a buffer zone between Europe and Russia as a result. Poland annexed Lativa and Lithuania, as well as Kaliningrad Oblast, while Yugoslavia was given Hungary, Romania, Moldova, Ukraine, Bulgaria, and in 1965, Greece and Cyprus. Later in 1960, Rashidun Caliphate, successor state of Iraq, expanded allot to include all land below Turkey, above Saudi Arabia, (but not Egypt and Iran).

In 1963, Reimu Hakurei decided to convince Belgium to united with the Netherlands, and so they did. Shortly afterwards, the Monarchy was abolished and the Republic of Netherlands was established, with Reimu Hakurei president of the republic.

In 1967, Nationalist China declared war against India and Pakistan as it grew tired of border disputes. After the Nationalist Chinese won the war, they annexed all the border disputes the three nations had against each other, this included the border disputes that only Pakistan and India had with each other. Also Nepal and Bhutan joined with the Nationalist China as well as a result.

In 1968, India invaded Pakistan, Banglesh, Sri Lanka, the Maldaves and few other islands in the Indian Ocean. India won and annexed said lands three years later. Reimu Hakurei was able to have South Africa rejoin the Netherlands after much convincing.

In 1972, Poland and Slovakia decided to merge with Yugoslavia, to create a more powerful Eastern European nation, that can oppose the Soviets easily.

By 1975, Cyprus was invaded by Turkey and by three days later, it was annexed to Turkey.

In 1978, Nationalist China declared war against the Soviets for more land, and soon the Chinese annexed Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan.

Finally, in 1979, the Soviet Union was turned into Democracy and communism was abandoned. It became the Russian Federation, and it remained intact as well.

Though in 1980, Turkey declared war against Russia. Reimu Hakurei decided to intervene and destroyed most of Turkey. After the Turks surrendered, they were immediately given to and annexed by Russia, and Reimu Hakurei decided to give Democratic Russia Cyprus as well. Soon former Turkey became deeply Armenian.

With Dutch influence raised in the world, Reimu Hakurei decided to threaten all the Caribbean nations and Venezuela and Panama and Colombia to face war if they don't turn into democracy. They refused, and caused the Dutch-Latin War.

By 1992, Reimu Hakurei managed to gain huge land gains in Latin America and spread democracy there. She also funded heavily into Brazil and soon Brazil was given the rest of South America to them, after Reimu fought some of the un-democratic governments there.

In 1993, Mexico and the rest of the Central American nations decided to merge together forming the Mexican Federation. They are opposed to Dutch rule, but are fully democratic. Reimu Hakurei is very suspicious about Mexico, but decided to leave them be as they are democratic.

By 1999, The Netherlands became a Superpower, and Reimu Hakurei is able to maintain democracy throughout the world. Her best friends in helping her are Japan, Nationalist China, Yugoslavia, and Democratic Russia.

Democratic Reimu (Altered Shrine)

Democratic Reimu as of 2011

Serbian ReimuEdit

The PoD starts off with Reimu Hakurei taking power of the Serbian Empire in 1355.

Having hold on the Serbian Empire, Reimu Hakurei's leadership managed to make it survive longer, and so by 1400, she began to declare war on the rest of the Balkans. In 1418, Reimu had conquered the remaining Byzantine Empire and began pushing the Turkish out of Asia Minor.

Reimu Hakurei managed to discover Vinland (North America) in 1420, and soon the Serbian Empire began to colonise the new land. By 1492 when Spain had discovered Vinland, they had seen that someone had beaten them long ago.

In 1500, Spain declared war against the Serbian colonial empire, in which Spain lost, and thus were completely destroyed by Reimu Hakurei. Former Spain was divided between Portugal and Serbia, and was colonised by both of them.

In 1600, Britain fell in a conflict against Serbia, and soon had war with them in 1610. This resulted in England being destroyed and was colonised by Serbia.

Around 1700, the Serbian Empire conquered the Ukrainian areas, and made Croatian, Bulgarian and Ukrainian official languages along with Serbian. In 1710, the Serbian Empire invaded the Middle East and soon conquered around the Mediterranean coast as well as parts of Northern Africa.

In 1750, Reimu Hakurei established contact with Japan, and thus Serbia-Japan relations begin and both became great allies. Similar scenario happened with Korea 5 years later, and another 2 years later Korea and Japan became allies too.

During the Napoleonic Era, the Serbian Empire managed to defend Russia from the opposing French, and Reimu Hakurei killed Napoleon Bonaparte in 1811, thus ending said era.

By 1850, the Serbian Empire along with Korea and Japan was extremely technology ahead then the rest of the world.

In 1914, the First World War broke out and Serbian Empire declared war against Austria-Hungary, Germany, Russia and France. The Serbians had won the war, and annexed Austria. All Austrians were killed and former Austria became deeply Serbian.

In the Second World War (1938 to 1943), Serbian Empire with Japan and Korea managed to defeat the Axis Powers (Italy, Germany, Algeria, and China).

By the modern day, Serbian Empire is a Hyperpower; Japan, Korea and Russia are Superpowers. Reimu Hakurei also keeps in check with other nations to be sure they don't dare fight against Serbia and their allies.

Serbian Reimu (Altered Shrine)

The world by the modern day in Serbian Reimu. The Key;
Dark Green = Serbian Empire
Purple = Japanese Empire
Dark Purple = Korean Empire
Dark Red = Indian Empire
Orange = Portugal
Light Green = Scandinavia Republic
Yellow = Celtic Republic
Uncoloured = Other nations.

Sengoku/Feudal Komeiji SistersEdit

One of the first books that doesn't centre around Reimu.

PoD is sometime in the 1563, within Japan.

Satori Komeiji takes leadership of the Satomi clan, while her sister Koishi Komeiji takes leadership of the Miyoshi clan. Both fight the other clans and achieve easy victories. Soon by 1570 Satori Komeiji along with the Satomi clan rules over Northern Japan while Koishi Komeiji along with the Miyoshi clan rules over Southern Japan.

Soon though, by 1580 both Satori and Koishi split and go their own separate ways. Satomi and Miyoshi clans also slowly started to become rivals.

In Joseon Dynasty, a new leader takes in charge of the land, and soon the Korean Empire is established.

Later on, an attempted Ottoman invasion of Europe begins in 1603, but it fails due to the Hapsburg Monarchy in Austria growing stronger and managed to conquer the Balkans, and pushed the Ottomans out of Europe.

In 1623, the Korean Empire begun expanding soon conquering lots of land from Ming China. By 1639, all of Ming China became under Korean rule, and thus the Koreans continued expansion.

Then in 1643 Satori Komeiji asked to purchase the Northern Island (Karafuto), and the Koreans agreed and gave it to them, as well as the Kuril Islands. In 1644, Satori and the Koreans became friends and allies.

In 1679, Koishi in desperate need of help and support, travelled to the Indian subcontinent and asked the Maratha Empire. After the Maratha Empire's leader heard the story, the alliance was accepted, and soon Koishi helped the Maratha Empire conquer more lands across the Indian subcontinent and South-East Asia.

In Europe, the Hapsburg Monarchy collapsed and was separated. New nations that was established was the Hungarian Empire, Republic of Croatia, and the Bulgarian Empire. Greece declared independence a day later establishing the Third Byzantine Empire, but it only lasted an hour and was conquered by the Bulgarian Empire.

By 1700, India and Korea defeated allot of Spanish colonists in Vinland and Amazonia and soon established colonies of their own. In 1705, Great Britain and Portugal and France declared war against the weakened Spain and soon the lands were divided up between them.

Then, in 1710, the Republic of Croatia declared war against the Hungarian Empire and won with superior power, and soon the Croatian annexed the former Hungarian Empire. Croatia decided to kill Venice once and for all so they declared war on them too and by 1729, most of Northern Italy was conquered by Croatia. Naples and Sicily decided to merge together and became the Neapolitan Empire, which soon became powerful of it's own.

Russia expanded as normal, and soon conquered Central Asia in 1755. By 1788 Russia begun to conquer parts of Alaska, and by 1790 had conquered it all.

Though, soon the Great Korean-Russian happened in 1800, and it lasted 25 years. In the end, Korea defeated and annexed all of Russia. This caused Scandinavia to unite as one and soon in 1803 Scandinavian invaded Britain. As the British Isles was getting weakened anyway, they fell easy to Scandinavia by 1804. Soon in 1806, Germany was invaded by France, Scandinavia and Korea resulting in Germany being crushed and divided.

In 1811, France invaded the former British colonies and managed to conquer it, but soon lost it to Scandinavia in 1830 as France was entering a financial crisis.

In 1835, the Indian Empire managed to conquer some of the Middle East, Iran, and began conquering Eastern Africa. This shocked both Naples and Croatia, and so they both raced against India in the division of Africa.

In 1875, mainland Scandinavia fell to Korean control, and Iceland took control of the remaining Scandinavian Empire, and thus was renamed to the Icelandic Empire.

Finally in 1908, a war began between Naples and Croatia, resulting in First World War. The Central Powers (Naples, Korea, Satori's North Japan, and Bulgarian Empire) and Allies (Croatia, India, Koishi's & Miyoshi's Shikoku Republic [South Japan]) fought against each other (the neutrals were Icelandic Empire, Alaska Republic (Russian Government in Exile), and Switzerland).

The First World War lasted until 1914 with the Allied victory. Croatia was able to annex all of the Bulgarian Empire as well. A peace treaty was signed too.

In 1920, France re-purchased some land from Iceland, in which they accepted.

Though by 1933 the Second World War begun. The Allies (Croatia, Korea, and Koishi's Shikoku Republic) fought against the Axis (India, Satori's North Japan, Naples). That war lasted until 1940, as a stalemate and no winner, though the war ended in the Allies favour.

In 1950, the Cold War begun between Koishi and Satori.

In 1951, the Caribbean Federation suffered a Communist revolution and soon was renamed the Cuban Empire after Fidel Castro was crowned President of the Islands. He soon built lots of missiles as well, thus causing the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1955 until 1960. However, this only stressed the neutrality of the Icelandic Empire. In 1962, Koishi herself visited Cuba to convince them to sell the Missiles to Korea. Cuba had no choice and so they did, thus ending the Cuban Missile Crisis.

The Australian War happened in 1967, and soon India launched their invasion of Australia, and conquered it by 1971.

In 1991, the Cold War cooled down allot and so India, Croatia, Korea, and Naples made peace with each other. While India and Croatia remain allied with Koishi; Naples and Korea remained allied with Satori, the four nations agreed upon each other to try to keep and maintain peace between the Komeiji sisters, as well as South and North Japan.

The Cold War still continues, but only in Japan.

Feudal Komeiji Sisters (Altered Shrine)

The world by the modern day in Sengoku/Feudal Komeiji Sisters. The Key;
Purple = Satori's North Japan
Dark Purple = Koishi's & Miyoshi's Shikoku Republic
Dark Blue = Greater Korean Empire
Dark Red = Indian Empire
Orange = Republic of Croatia
Lime = Republic of Netherlands
Yellow = Neapolitan Empire
Dark Yellow = France
Dark Green = Portugal
Light Blue = Icelandic Empire
Bright Red = Cuban Empire
Brown = Mexican Empire (former Korean colony)
Pink = Russian Alaska Republic
Uncoloured = Other nations.

Bulgarian ReimuEdit

PoD is Reimu Hakurei taking power of the First Bulgarian Empire in 700.

By 810, Reimu Hakurei manges to conquer the lower half of the Balkans, except for the Byzantine Empire. However, she then conquered the Byzantine Empire in 825 and annexed it all. Later, Bulgaria expanded more into the Middle Eastern areas and Reimu had destroyed anyone in her path as Bulgaria expanded in the Middle East. She then invaded the Italian kingdoms in 911 which resulted in Reimu annexing the lower half of Italy. Since then, Bulgaria also built shoe factories. Reimu then went on and by 1200, all of North Africa and parts of Iberia were killed, crushed and annexed by Reimu's Bulgaria. Reimu had quit expanding Bulgaria and took a nap, while maintaining all the Bulgarian lands she conquered and obtained. Then, in 1550, Reimu Hakurei woke up and had begun to sent Bulgarians to colonise new lands. Most of OTL Latin America became Bulgarian and all the natives became Bulgarian too. In 1600, Reimu established Shinto shrines everywhere in Bulgarian lands too, and all Bulgarians became Shintoists by 1630.

In 1650, the Bulgarians had begun colonising Southern Africa. Though, in 1655 Bulgaria stopped colonising new lands and hold on to what they already have. Reimu Hakurei continues to rule over her colonies until 1890, when they begun to declare independence. Reimu easily lets them go, but keeps an eye on them. Meanwhile a few actions in Europe made Reimu shift her focus from the colonies into Europe and North Africa.

Soon in 1913 the First Europe War happen as someone set up Bulgaria the bomb.

Reimu get signal.

French and Germans announce that all Bulgarian land are belong to Central. Bulgaria have no chance of peace and make some time.

Reimu moves military for great justice.

So then Bulgaria move in and crush both Germany and France all by themselves. Southern Germany and South Western France were annexed to Bulgaria and most French and German living in the annexed area fled or faced execution.

Soon in 1937 the Second Europe War begun, and France-Germany merged into one being called Deutsçais. Deutsçais begun by invading into Russian lands and were able to conquer European Russia, though soon Bulgaria and Russia fought back and squished them. In 1940 Deutsçais was destroyed and was annexed by the Dutch people, and soon the rest of Deutsçais became deeply Dutch.

Then in 1970, the Italians were having a civil war and soon Bulgaria managed to annex upper northern Italy, making Italy look more like a boot. This increased the shoe production in Italy as well for some reason.

By modern day, Bulgaria is a superpower and so is it's former large colony, the Chinese-Indian Empire dominates most of Mainland Asia save for Korea; the Korean-Japanese Empire controls the Pacific and Oceania.

Bulgarian Reimu (Altered Shrine)

The world by the modern day in Bulgarian Reimu. The Key;
Dark Blue = Bulgarian Empire
Purple = Korean-Japanese Empire
Dark Red = Indian-Chinese Empire
Pink = Russian Empire
Brown = Bulgarian Mexican Empire
Dark Green = Bulgarian Brazilian Empire
Orange= Italy
Light Green = Netherlands Republic
Light Blue = Scandinavian Empire
Uncoloured = Other nations.

Venetian Komachi OnozukaEdit

The PoD is that Komachi Onozuka becomes leader of the Most Serene Republic of Venice in around 800.

Komachi, after taking power, she sailed the seas and had begun conquering most of the coastline of Europe and took all of Greece and Eastern Thrace along with the other side of the Marmarite Region. Venice then proceeded to conquer the coastline of all of Africa, and was able to block off everyone else. Soon all of Africa fell under Venetian control. Komachi then went on and dominated the Atlantic and had guarded the Mediterranean like a pro.

By 1810 Naples fell under Venice control, and French Louisiana was lost to the Empire of Mexico. The remaining Italian nations in the Italian peninsula become merged into one, becoming landlocked Italy. In 1825, landlocked Yugoslavia merged with the Slovak-Hungary-Ukraine Empire. Then in 1835, Komachi decided to mess with Belarus and had them annex some Baltic lands, which was successful. Soon Komachi helped Thailand conquered most of Indonesia, and also had created the Papua Guinea Republic on New Guinea.

In 1850, the Dutch with Venice's aid defeated and annexed the British Isles, and it remained Dutch; and afterwards, in 1855 Komachi helped the Dutch gain British-owned lands under Canada. Then in 1875 Reimu helped Mexico gained Venezuela, after Venezuela's fragile time of trying to declare independence from Spain.

In 1950, Komachi decided to mess around and send aid to both China and India. This resulted in India able to maintain most of the Kashmir (that was under conflict between Pakistan and India), but lost the McMahon Line to China. Also, Pakistan was destroyed by Komachi in 1960 and gave it to India.

By modern day, Venice is a Hyperpower while Japan, Mexico, Russia, and Netherlands are Superpowers. Venice is also in a cold war against landlocked Italy.

Venetian Komachi Onozuka (Altered Shrine)

The world by the modern day in Venetian Komachi Onozuka. The Key;
Green = Empire of Venice
Purple = Japanese Empire
Dark Blue = Thailand
Dark Red = Indian Empire
Orange = Italy
Lime = Netherlands Empire
Yellow = Papua Guinea Republic
Light Blue = Finland
Pink = Russian Federation
Brown = Mexican Empire
Uncoloured = Other nations.

Mexican ReimuEdit

PoD is Reimu taking power of the First Mexican Empire and declared independence in 1819.

Upon independence, Reimu Hakurei was able to keep some other parts of former New Spain, like the Philippines. Soon Reimu set her conquest and begun to invade British Columbia, and some part of Canada. Soon Texas tried to declare independence in 1835 but Reimu Hakurei managed to invade and conquer it quickly. Soon the Mexican-US War started in 1840 and lasted until 1841. Reimu Hakurei was able to defeat them and took some land away from them as well. In 1878 Reimu Hakurei purchased Alaska from Russia and Alaska was annexed into Mexico. By 1890, Mexico had invaded and conquered all of the Caribbean Islands. In the 1900s, Reimu Hakurei launched an invasion of Panama and conquered it. A day later, Reimu Hakurei cut Panama in half and thus created the Panama Canal.

In 1914, the First World War broke out. Russia managed to win on their own so they annexed all the land, and suffered a civil war. The Tsar remained in power and Russian Empire lived on like nothing happened.

Soon in 1933, Mexico declared war on Germany and Italy, and beat them both before they could ever responded. Reimu also invaded Spain and defeated both Franco and the Communists. Meanwhile Japan managed to conquer a few islands, along with Indonesia. In 1939, Japan asked Reimu Hakurei to purchase Philippines, in which Reimu accepted and gave them the Philippines. Soon the Mexican-Japanese alliance was established.

Then the European Federation, funded by Reimu Hakurei and her attempt to create peace in Europe, was formed by the Nordic Countries and Yugoslavia in 1950. In 1953 the Korean War happened but with Japan and Mexico help Korea was unified under democracy.

In 1960, China invaded India and Pakistan over border disputes, and won a crushing victory so they took all their land. Burma were also squished and Nepal and Bhutan also were lost to China. Soon Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos merged together to create the Thai Republic. Meanwhile Mongolia decided to merge into the Russian Empire for safety. In 1970 Ukraine, Belarus and Moldova declared independence from Russia.

By 1980, the European Federation had included all Eastern European nations, the Balkans, Italy, Austria and Nordic Countries. Soon the Third Napoleonic Empire happened in France and conquered all of Western Europe, except Switzerland and any European nation that is part of the European Federation.

Reimu's Mexican Empire (Altered Shrine)

Present day in Mexican Reimu. The Key;
Brown = Mexican Empire
Purple = Japanese Empire
Red = People's Republic of China
Pink = Russian Empire
Dark Blue = European Federation
Darkish Red = Fourth French Empire
Dark Red = India
Light Blue = Thai Republic
Yellow = Venezuela
Uncoloured = Other nations.

Bolivian ReimuEdit

PoD is that Reimu Hakurei manages to become the first president of Bolivia after independence in 1825.

Later in 1930, Reimu invades and conquers Paraguay. Then in 1935, Reimu invades both Chile and Peru, both who had originally took land from Bolivia a while back. She annexes both nations completely, and goes off to help free Korea. Then Brazil went on a conquest to conquer northern Amazonia and Argentina went on to absorb Uruguay. In 1939, Reimu gave Argentina a slice of Chile's land as a donation, which Argentina accepted. Soon, Bolivia had freed Korea, and helped them create an empire for themselves. Bolivia and Korea had both invaded China and South East Asia and after the land was conquered, was given all to Korea. Soon in 1941 Bolivia declared war on Europe and soon had invaded the Axis controlled areas and winning, though Reimu didn't stop there. In 1943 after the Axis fell Bolivia invaded the Soviet Union and thus the Soviet Union fell by 1946 and Reimu had forced them to have a monarchy again.

In 1950, Bolivia declared war on some other nation, and won. The nation collapsed; Alaska was returned to Russia, Mexico regained their lost land plus additional land, Louisiana became French and the East Coast fell to Dutch people.

Later in 1951, Ukraine declared independence, and soon begun absorbing Slovakia, Czech, Yugoslavia, and Hungary peacefully. Then Ukraine, with the help of Bolivia, conquered the Naples area of Italy and soon conquered lots of land in Africa and colonised it, and became part of Ukraine.

Then in 1960 Bolivia helped Korea and Japan gained more land in the Pacific.

By 1990 on, Bolivia remains the only superpower, though Ukraine, Korea, and Russia are the new potential superpowers, and Japan and Mexico will soon also follow suit.

Bolivia Reimu (Altered Shrine)

Present day in Bolivian Reimu. The Key;
Yellow = Bolivia
Brown = Mexican Empire
Purple = Japanese Empire
Dark Purple = Korean Empire
Pink = Russian Empire
Dark Blue = Ukraine
Red = France
Dark Red = India
Lime = Republic of Netherlands
Dark Green = Brazil
Orange = Italy
Light Green = Turkey
Uncoloured = Other nations.

Genovesi ReimuEdit

PoD is Reimu taking power in the Most Serene Republic of Genoa around 1339.

Soon, Reimu begins taking more of the coastlines of France and Italy alike and begins to conquer all islands between Spain and Italy, which includes Malta. She also begins to invade Sicily and Naples, and conquers both.

Then, Genoa had begun to conquer North and Upper West Africa in 1500. By 1525, Genoa had conquered all of the Caribbean as well. Soon all went well until 1850, in which Genoa decided to attack the Ottoman Empire. Reimu managed to take some Turkish land and soon the Ottoman Empire fell, having Serbia, Bulgaria, and some few other nations declare independence. Though soon Serbia and Bulgaria dominated the Balkans not under control of Austria-Hungary at the time.

In 1914, Reimu decided to secretly assassinate the Austrian King, which resulted in a war between Genoa and Venice versus Austria. Austria of course lost the war and Venice had annexed all of Austria. Hungary then allied with Genoa, and went on a few conquest in Eastern Europe. Soon Hungary conquered Southern Russia - while Scandinavia conquered Northern Russia including Moscow - along with the new Poland-Lithuania. By 1920 Hungary established the Soviet Union.

Genoa soon invaded Japan, Korea, and China and after winning, created the East Asian Confederation. Genoa then left leaving no influence on them, as soon the East Asian Confederation had spread their cultures and influence. Genoa was successful in having the Japanese, Koreans, and Chinese have peace with each other.

Later Genoa got involved with the Great Europe War, in which Genoa had conquered Turkey, and had destroyed the land. Genoa also managed to squish Germany like a bug and had destroyed the nation too.

Afterwards, a Cold War begun between Genoa and Scandinavia begun. Scandinavia went on to go and build nuclear weapons while Genoa built many defences. Scandinavia then proceeds to make nuclear powered submarines, nuclear powered ships, and nuclear power tanks. However, Reimu Hakurei and Genoa continued to yawn.

By 1980 Cirno was assassinated during a Bread and Butter report, and soon the Cold War ended between Genoa and Scandinavia. The Soviet Union was succeeded by the Hungarian Empire.

Genoa, Scandinavia, East Asian Confederation, and the Hungarian Empire are the undisputed superpowers of the world. Though Mexico, Brazil, and the Buddhist-Hindu Empire are catching up via Byakuren Hijiri's ideologies of power.

Genovesi Reimu (Altered Shrine)

The world by the modern day in Genovesi Reimu. The Key;
Orange = Genoa Empire
Purple = East Asia Confederation
Light Green = Scandinavia
Dark Green = Republic of Venice
Light Blue/Indigo = Buddhist-Hindu Empire
Dark Blue = Brazil
Brown = Mexico
Light Pink = Hungarian Empire
Dark Red = Australia

French Sanae KochiyaEdit

PoD is that Sanae Kochiya comes into power of France in 1804 instead of Napoleon Bonaparte.

After Sanae Kochiya went into power in France, she proceeds to conquer Spain, Portugal and Italy, and by 1905, all were annexed into the Empire. Soon Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, and Italy were conquered, though not as easy especially in the low land countries where they fought ruthlessly. Afterwards the French begun to storm march through all the tiny German kingdoms, Prussia, Austria, and then Greece, and all provided some few challenges to Sanae Kochiya. Also, Sanae Kochiya was bound to invade Scandinavia next, but she got abused by the Vikings there and so left Scandinavia alone for a while. Subsequently Yumemi Okazaki became leader of Scandinavia, which would lead into tensions later on.

In 1807, Switzerland redeclared independence and told the French to no longer bank in Switzerland, after increasing pressure from Britain and her allies, oh and they claim neutrality. A month later, Switzerland allowed France to bank there but soon Switzerland got reconquered anyway. Sanae Kochiya just facepalmed at the Swiss's actions. Anyway she went on to conquer the Yugoslavia and they surrendered quickly; after their surrender she made Serbian and Croatian new official languages of France. Sanae Kochiya then went on to conquer the land of the Dragostea Din Tei Vampires (aka Romania).

However, when Sanae Kochiya wanted to invade Romania, she got scared of the vampires and was not prepared to fight, so she fled and cried. The next day, she decided to conquer Greece (as they left and tried to declare independence), Albania and Bulgaria, which was easy victories for her. Afterwards, she managed to bring Poland-Lithuania under her rule.

Then, in 1808, Sanae Kochiya invaded the Ottoman Empire, and managed to push the Turks out of Europe and Asia Minor. Though soon she kept going and managed to invade Arabian lands. She then proceeded to destroy everything in her path and by 1810, Arabia was conquered and annexed by France. The next day, Sanae Kochiya was prepared to invade Romania. She did and managed to destroy the vampires with sunlight, and after Romania Vampires were defeated, Romania was annexed by the France Empire.

Sanae Kochiya then had a choice to split the path. Either she would go for Britain, or Russia. Scandinavia was out of the question as the Vikings would personally abuse her, and she wanted no trouble with them. She decided to take out the British first as they still hold a giant empire. Having said that, Sanae Kochiya declared war on Britain and proceeded to destroy a whole lot of British Navy. She easily destroyed huge fleets with one attack, and lots of danmaku. However the British themselves showed no signs giving up and decided to fight down to the last native British. So, the French and British have been fighting for a while but soon enough the British Isles were finally conquered after 2 years of fighting. Sanae Kochiya then proceeded to build a stronger India, then free them; she also built a stronger South Africa before freeing them, too.

Soon, Russia was next. Though, Sanae Kochiya waited to wait until the Winter time to attack Russia, for more advantages. When it was winter, Sanae Kochiya begun the invasion of Russia. While some of the French weren't able to handle it well, most were able to survive. Soon, the French managed to conquer St. Petersburg and remained the city to La Internationale. Afterwards, the French had lunch in Hungary, and begun to go on their long journey. A few days later, the French managed to reach Moscow. Though the French themselves didn't manage to capture the capital until Sanae Kochiya reached the area. Soon, on Sanae Kochiya's arrival, she managed to conquer the city herself.

After the March on Moscow, Sanae Kochiya and her French Military continued to storm through Russia, at only 30kph. Soon she reached other major cities that no one really know about, except for Kazan. After the conquest of Tatarstan, Sanae Kochiya made Tatarstan a special province and gave the province some more land. She even let them keep their language providing they only wrote in Cyrillic, which they did anyway. So Sanae Kochiya continued marching on, and by 1813 1/2 of Russia was conquered and soon they entered the Far East & Siberia sectors. This time, they continued their journey during the day, while Sanae Kochiya only continued at nights; they do this so to avoid and be aware of any wolfs and Siberian Husky that might be lurking around.

In 1814, all that was left was part of the Russian Far East, as well as Alaska. Sanae Kochiya continued to defeat the Russians, wolfs, and Siberian Husky she had encountered. The French military marched on, and soon by the 7th month Alaska was conquered and all of Russia finally was annexed by the French Empire. Sanae Kochiya was amazed at the defeat of Russia, but wished she could have conquered it quicker, as it took her a few years to actually conquer the land. She didn't stop there though. She then proceeded to invade Canada now, which only took a year as there was little to no resistance, and also due to the fact that Québec was French, so they helped the French obtain Canada.

In 1816, Sanae Kochiya begun to storm through Africa, soon obtaining more lands. By 1816, most of Northern Africa was conquered under France. Though Sanae Kochiya eventually didn't bother with the rest and just had let it be. Then, in 1845, Sanae Kochiya and the French Military went to Mexico to help defeat Texas and fight the US people in the Mexican - US War. It resulted in Mexican victory, and Mexico obtained more land as well. After the war, Sanae Kochiya and the French decided to help out Jamaica and had conquered allot of land for them, and soon the Jamaican Empire was proclaimed after the help of Sanae Kochiya. Jamaica and France soon became friends afterwards.

By 1818, the Dutch soon set up their government in the Dutch East Indies and soon dominate the whole area, and begin setting up new coffee shops there. India and China together begun building another Great Wall along their borders with France, so to protect themselves from any possible invasion from France. The Great Wall between China and France was then completed in 1828, and the Great Wall between India and France was completed in 1838. The wall was 50,000,000 km in height, to ensure they would not pass over the wall easy. A shield was also established around non-French Asia and Oceania, so the French would never get by. Later in 1843, Sanae Kochiya sold 73% of the Sakhalin island and all the Kuril Islands to Japan, and Japan had accepted.

In 1845, the Africans built their Great Wall to separate French Africa from Free Africa lands, and managed to do so and it was completed in 1849. Also with France having both French and Dutch Guiana, Brazil built their own wall alongside the borders of it.

In 1850, Peru became in civil erosion and soon Brazil and Chile invaded it. In 1851, Peru was crushed and divided between Brazil and Chile.

In 1858, Japan invaded Australia and New Zealand, soon managing to defeat and annex both nations.

In 1871, the Cold War between France and Scandinavia had begun. Meanwhile, in Eastern Asia, they all remain neutral, and the Dutch all convert to Buddhism and Hinduism. Chile and Argentina sides with Scandinavia, so at least the Scandinavians have allies, unlike France, which only relies on it;'s leader Sanae Kochiya to do anything. As the cold war went on, winter storms became more common and blizzards were a problem in France. Sanae Kochiya tried to find a way around it, but then realised that most of former Russia was usually cold as well anyway, and so Sanae Kochiya just facepalms. Soon, French Africa also was hit with blizzards and France was having very low record temperatures. Sanae Kochiya tried to figure out what the cause of it was, but was too slow at the time.

In 1923, the Great Civil War happened in France. It was caused by independence movements in Germany, Arabia, and Tajikistan, along with Québec. The war lasted for 5 years, though soon the French managed to achieve victory.

Later in 1944, the Second Great Civil War happened, with Germany, Arabia, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan and Québec rebelling. This time, the Scandinavian Empire decided to aid the rebellions soon leading into the French-Scandinavian War. By 1949 the rebelling areas were crushed, and al but Québec were killed. In 1953, Sanae Kochiya managed to defeat Scandinavia and annex it into the French Empire, but made it an autonomous region so she wouldn't get harassed by the Vikings again.

Today the world lives in peace, France and the rest of the world is still separated by a strong walled barrier, however.

French Sanae Kochiya (Altered Shrine)

The world by the modern day in French Sanae Kochiya. The Key;
Red = French Empire
Purple = Japan Empire
Dark Blue = Republic of China
Dark Red = Indian Empire
Brown = Mexican Empire
Lime = Republic of Netherlands
Light Green = Jamaica
Dark Green = Empire of Brazil
Indigo = Thailand
Uncoloured = Other nations.

Chinese ReimuEdit

The PoD is Reimu Hakurei taking power in Song China.

Reimu comes to power in Song China at around 1000. From there, Song China has a really excellent built navy and the military is improved greatly. Then by 1001, Gunpowder was invented in China with the help of Reimu. The Song Chinese had quickly built up their defences and would no longer be prone to invasion. By the time the Mongol Empire begun to start up, Song China managed to defend it from invasion, causing the Mongol Empire to conquer all of Siberia instead, soon later going into Central Asia. Soon the Kazakh fell that way, despite their early industry. The Mongol Empire then went on to conquer Russia, and the Middle East, and spread the Buddhism around.

Though soon the Mongol Empire collapsed around 1450, but was successful in spreading the Buddhism around. Soon Song China declared war against the Mongol Khanate, invaded it and was successful. Then Song China went on a conquest in conquering the other Khanates of the former Mongol Empire, and was successful each time. The last Khanate that was conquered was the Kazan Khanate, in 1500.