Umoja wa Afrika
African Union
Timeline: Hartmann's Youkai World
Flag of South Africa
Flag of Africa
Location African Union (Hartmann's Youkai World)
Location in Blue
Capital: Kinshasa
Language: Swahili, Native languages
Religion: Sikhism, Native religions
Type of government: Parliamentary democracy
President: Diezani Alison-Madueke
Currency: African rand

The African Union is a nation in Africa.


The African Union was established in 1900 by Dutch South Africa, Nationalist Zaire, and Ethiopia. In 1938, they declared war against both the Ottoman and European nations that had land in Africa. With the backing of Brazil, the African Union managed to invade it rather easily and by 1944 all of Africa, save for Egypt, became under African Union control.

In 1950, Egypt applied to join the African Union but it was declined in 1955 because Egypt had Pyramids.

In 1975, some Penguins moved to Madagascar and thus started a brief conflict with the African Union, but it was all resolved by 1980 and soon Penguins were able to live and visit in Madagascar freely.

In 1989 Somalia declared independence for a while but rejoined in 1990. It did so to send the Pirates back to the Caribbean.