A Cat In The Low Temple is a book written by Vladimir Lenin in 1954. It depicts an alternative of a hypnotised Huǒyànmāo Lín (火焰貓 燐) taking power in Japan in 1925, instead of A Japanese Lady cosplaying Koishi Komeiji taking role of Prime Minister. Not only that, it also has a non-slacking off Germany, making it more powerful.

It soon tells how her rule is much harsher than the previous government of the Empire of Japan. By 1929 Korea has been nicknamed 'Former Chōsen', as it was burned down to the ground by her. Then by 1931, Huǒyànmāo Lín launched a harsh invasion of China, and by 1933 most of China was also burned down to the ground. In 1934, Mao Zedong, who had hypnotised her and installed communist ideologies into Huǒyànmāo Lín, decided to run away as now he created a horrible mistake.

In 1940, the Italians and the Spanish merged together and became the Italian-Spanish Empire, which then proceeded to invade North Africa, as usual.

In Germany, Operation Nyan Katze was successful for a strange reason, and the Lunatic Kaiser had won Moscow from the Soviet Union. Joseph Stalin had requested Japan's help but the Prime Minister of Japan declined. By 1944, The Soviet Union lost half it's size to Kaiser Germany.

By 1945, Empire of Japan was renamed into Zhuórè dìyù jī (Chinese:灼热地狱跡, Japanese:灼熱地獄跡 shakunetsu jigoku ato) and by then had conquered all of East and South East Asia. In 1946, Emperor Hirohito and his family mysteriously died due to a 'thunderstorm from the Pacific' that was probably caused by a corrupted storm system. After the death of the royal family, Huǒyànmāo Lín took role as both Empress and Prime Minister.

In 1947, Kaiser Germany had dominated most of Europe, while the Italians ruled the second half. Kogasanian Britain was the only allied European nation left, and tried to fight off the Germans and Italians. However, it doesn't work, and by 1949, the British Lady who cosplayed as Kogasa Tatara had fled Britain to move to Brazil; and the rest of the UK fell to Kaiser Germany.

The invasion of the US begun in 1950 by Huǒyànmāo Lín, and after it's fall in 1952, it was divided between Zhuórè dìyù jī and Germany, and a buffer zone was established (though neither side conquered it). Reimu Hakurei took control of the unconquered area, and established an unrecognised nation called Miko Republic.

The book really begins off around 1965, with a Trio-Cold War between Fascist Italy, Anarchic Zhuórè dìyù jī, and a Democratic Kaiser Germany. In 1955, the Lunatic Kaiser had died of a heart attack, and Wilhelm IV, who became new Emperor, made Germany into a democracy. In Zhuórè dìyù jī, all the people were heavily under surveillance by Huǒyànmāo Lín; and also became from a communist nation into an anarchic nation due to flaming fires everywhere in the nation and population hovered around 129,000,000 but is still a powerful nation. Fascist Italy has become a strong nation with nukes. Lots and lots of nukes.......

Meanwhile, Brazil, Àozhōu, and the Nordic Union, which were the only other survivors not conquered by the Big Three, managed to find Germany as an ally after their transition to democracy, and founded the League of Nations.

A Cat In The Low Temple (Ruins of Vienna)

The world in A Cat In The Low Temple. Click to enlarge.